Sunday, January 22, 2012

The exuberance of youth

This incident happened exactly 5 years back (21 January 2007) so my memory is hazy and some of my recollection could be completely made up.

Four guys meet over drinks and dinner at Timbuktoo. Nandu had convened the meeting, which had me, Dhaval, and one of his friends. He had recently heard/read about the Manali-Leh highway and was all excited to conquer it. He had even brought a map and a copy of Lonely Planet - India.

Nandu - the mastermind

Dhaval - we eventually did go on other trips/treks
We discussed the schedule, places to visit, possible problems that we would face and agreed that it could be done in July – six months was enough time to prepare for this trip. Now all we had to do was buy bikes, learn to ride it, and go for a practice run before the big trip. You read that right – as you can imagine, I had absolutely no idea what we were getting into!

Ideas for ideal bikes were also discussed in the course of the meet up. Nandu was going to buy an Avenger. I was going to buy either a Discover or a Glamour. Dhaval was going to get his dad's Pulsar. 

Nandu started a Yahoo! Group to help coordinate the ride.
I brought the HH Glamour a couple of months later.
The others didn't.
I got busy with my work and forgot about the whole thing ... that is until 2011.

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