Sunday, October 31, 2010

If I Die Before You Lyrics

From the soundtrack of Community, lovely song by Ludwig Goransson. It was difficult to find the lyrics to the song but here they are:

If I fall would you take my car back.
If I fail with the test would you know what is best?
Be my friend, be my love, follow me to get lost, all the time.
If I die, will you cry on my eye, little boy?
We could live in a house with 2 kids, you and me, diamond ring.
We would do our own thing.
Be my friend be my love follow me to get lost, all the time.
If I die, I will lay by your side.
Come here, don't think, don't stop, open up.
Believing in a place where you feel free.
It's just another race for you and me.
Let's fall in love

Can be heard here

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Airtel's unethical practices

I am an Airtel Prepaid subscriber.

7:30 AM - My alarm rings. I switch it off and continuing lying in bed. My phone makes a sound and I see that "the last call cost 1.00"
Only problem was that I hadn't made any calls in my sleep. I double checked just to be sure. Then I remembered that a similar deduction had been made the previous night. It was time to call Airtel's Customer Care again!

I had a bad bad feeling in my head. Airtel had probably put me on one of their stupid schemes again - there was no other explanation for the random disappearance of my balance.
The guy answered in Marathi. There was a time they had English speaking executives but that is no longer in the list of services provided by Airtel. I replied in Hindi - explained the problem, the guy quickly diagnosed the source of the problem. I was on the movie something something (I had woken up a couple of minutes back) scheme and he said he would refund my money, which was done. I told him that I was aware of this money being cut twice - the scheme was active for 4 days and they had been cutting my money since then. Oh and did I mention that Airtel charges me for talking to a Customer Care Executive - 50 paisa for a 3 minute chat. They are just looking for ways to make money.

My problem is that this is not the first time - this has happened with me at least 4 times earlier. It is just frustrating to be on the other end of a big corporation trying to squeeze money off you with such cheap tactics.
The heights was a previous occasion when I requested the call center girl to cancel the Friends Chat Service. She was programmed to say "Aap itna accha service kyun band karwana chahte ho" (Why do you want to stop such a great service) and then launched into the benefits of the scheme. All this while they charge me for the call - 100% for money making, 0% for empathy and customer care.

Two days after this incident, I am enjoying the sunset in Palolem beach and call up my friends to check where they are. Instead I hear a recorded message that I need to submit my documents at an Airtel Center in the next 48 hours or else my number will be disconnected. I try calling my friends again but this message is run every single time and I can't make any calls. I am going to be in Goa for the next two days but really, I would be glad if this helps me get rid of Airtel.

Today, my outgoing calls are barred. I guess I am an easy target because I don't get Airtel a lot of business. I recharge with a 30 every month and only splurge up to a thousand when on my Himalayan trips. Airtel doesn't want my business, well neither do I. I am waiting for them to disconnect my connection so that I can move on to a better service provider.

Found these:
Airtel's list of Integrity and Ethics for its Business Partners

Google Results for "Airtel Unethical Practices" show that Airtel is a pro at this stuff