Thursday, August 26, 2010

MA - Part 1 conquered

I go to the marksheet distribution counter and give him my i-card. The marksheet guy asks for my seat number, I tell him it's on the i-card but he points out that this is my roll number and my seat number would be on the hall ticket. (bulb hasn't blinked yet)

I call up dad, get the seat number and ask the guy for the marksheet. He quickly hands over a marksheet. I scan through it and see "Passes" in the last column. Here is the conversation that follows:

Me: Yeh mera nahi hai, main toh fail hua hoon - maine online check kiya tha
Guy: (takes the marksheet back and compares it against the i-card) Yeh tumhaara hi hai
Me: (cross checks name) Par online toh "Fail" dikha raha tha
Guy: Tujhe toh khush hona chahiye yeh marksheet dekh kar
Me: (bulb blinks followed by a big grin on face which hasn't stopped yet)