Sunday, July 18, 2010

This Udaan has not taken flight yet

I first heard about Udaan a week back. As it was a Anurag Kashyap production, that too directed by the same guy who did the screenplay for Dev.D -- I knew it would be good.

The first plan was hatched for Friday evening at Goregaon Hub. Everyone was invited but they had backed out by evening. The show was at 6:15 but I was busy working on the bonus thingy till 6. And then I got a couple of calls, and also had to turn back and go to office to pick up a friend's medicines -- so bunked the movie plan.

Second plan was on Saturday morning, this time at Imax Wadala (11:15 AM) but my friend turned up late and we couldn't go for the show. Now the thing is that there are very few shows of Udaan around and the timings are odd. We moved to Cinemax Sion (12:30 show) well ahead of the show time but this time and the show was houseful. I didn't want to go back home without having watched anything so we watched Tere Bin Laden.

Not giving up easily, I planned again for Sunday and called up all my friends. Three friends were ready at night and had backed out by morning. I had to meet a cousin so didn't go for the movie alone. I would have, for sure, otherwise. Fourth unsuccessful attempt.

After picking up "the stuff" from my cousins, I landed at Goregaon Hub for the 3:30 show and the thing was again houseful. Tickets for the 6:15 were also sold out except a few on row 1 (Fifth and sixth attempt). We checked out shows at other theaters in the vicinity (PVR Goregaon, Huma Adlabs, Cinemax Versova) that started in the next hour or so and they too were houseful (7th, 8th, 9th).
Moved to Cinemax Versova and tried to buy the music CD for Udaan at Landmark - in keeping with the theme, even those were sold out!

In the end, I spent the entire weekend trying desperately for something and it remained elusive. Moral of the story: dont try!

Edit1: Monday, I tried again for the 6:15 show at Hub, but the show was houseful again (10th). Watched Inception instead - good movie.

Edit2: Thursday, same story, 6:15 show at Hub was houseful (11th). I went to Oberoi Mall to check out laptops. If the earlier show at Hub was houseful then it was obvious what the story would be at PVR GOregaon... but surprise surprise, the 8:20 show had tickets... priced at Rs 130. Good things come to those who wait :D