Friday, January 15, 2010

Bowling Injury

I had never gone bowling (as opposed to bowled) till about a month back.

My first score was around 50 -- reasonable start.
The second time I made 84 -- reasonable improvement.
And then the third time I went playing with my office guys, I ended with a 141 -- which was strangely better than anything these guys had made before.

Then we went again the next Friday -- my third time in a week. I picked a 12 pounder and followed my routine when *snap*... I had a piercing pain in the palm of my hand at the place where my middle finger bone joins the bones in my palm.

I played with my left hand the rest of the game.

I've been watching Globe Trekker every night regularly -- it comes on at midnight and fits in well with my schedule. And that reminds me to sleep -- got a bike trip to Lohagad tomorrow for which I have to wake up at 6.