Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hero Honda Passion Pro Ad

I have been seeing this ad for about a month now and the jingle's just stuck in my head.
kuch bole bin kahe sune
meri yaar hai zindagi
kuch bole bin jo sab kuch kahe
andaz hai zindagi
The music and the lyrics are as straightforward as it gets and like all great things, the simpler the song the better it sounds.

I tried finding it online at the usual places, without luck . And then Ved shared the ad for Vodafone's Star of the Match, which btw is the best ad of the new series they have.
That reminded me of the Passion Pro ad and I searched the ad again on YouTube, and got lucky - click away thanks to tendua04 for the upload)

You can download the ad from http://keepvid.com/

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why is GMail still in BETA?

I have had this thought in the past and it struck me again today. GMail has a well stocked Labs feature so all the experimental stuff could go in there. I can't figure out why they are doing it - maybe Google just forgot all about it being in beta!